How to Complete the Application Data


Long gone are the days of spending significant amounts of time trying to figure out which forms are required for specific building permits. Cloudpermit does the heavy lifting for you. When applying for building permits on Cloudpermit, you can sit back and let Cloudpermit verify which forms you need to fill out to complete your building permit applications. Additionally, Cloudpermit will provide you with the required forms so that you don’t have to go looking for them. Using Cloudpermit’s APPLICATION DATA tile, you can rest assured you have the correct forms to complete your application. This article explains how to complete the APPLICATION DATA (required forms) of your applications. 

How to Complete the Application Data

  1. Log into Cloudpermit 
    1. To do so, please go to
  2. Create a New Application or Select an Existing Application
    1. If you forget or don’t know how to create a new application, please click here
  3. Expand the Application Data Tile
    1. To do so, please click the Open button located near the right side of the APPLICATION DATA tile. If you cannot locate the Open button, it is circle in red on the image below. 
  4. Fill Out the Required Forms
    1. Depending on the category, work type, and work target of the application which you are applying for, you will be presented with different forms. To fill out one of the required forms simply click on the name of the form. For example, on the image below Cloudpermit is telling users that they need to fill out an Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish. To fill out the form, click on the name of the form. 
    2. Mandatory fields are marked by red stars (*) next to them on the right. Please note, Cloudpermit will save your information automatically, there is no need to worry about lost work. 
    3. Once you are finished filling out the required forms, you can return the application by clicking the Return to application button located near the top left of the window, as can be seen by the image below. 
  5. Success!
    1. Once you have finished filling out the required forms, you can continue completing the rest of the application. 
    2. If not already completed, you can identify the parties of the application. To learn how to, click here. 
    3. If not already completed, you can upload the required attachments. To learn how to, click here.

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