How To Invite Parties to Collaborate on Your Applications


Collaborating with other people on the same application on Cloudpermit is easy and done so digitally. To collaborate on Cloudpermit, parties of an application must either be invited digitally via email or have their information entered for them manually. When adding a party's information manually, the party will not be notified of important updates and will not have access to the project on Cloudpermit. That is why it is highly recommended that all parties of the application be invited to collaborate via email. This article explains how to collaborate with parties of an application using the two mentioned methods above. 

How To Invite Parties to Collaborate Via Email

To invite people to collaborate on the application via an email invitation:

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at 
  2. Find your application
    1. Your application will be listed under My Applications
    2. Click the address of the application which should be written in blue text 
  3. Scroll down to PARTIES OF THE APPLICATION and select ADD OR INVITE A PARTY. A picture is included below for reference. 
  4. Enter the email address of the invitee
  5. Select a role(s) for the invitee by clicking the drop-down menu under Select role
    1. Please note that one party may have more than one role 
  6. Give permissions to modify and add application(s)
    1. Permission to Modify application enables the invitee to add and change information in the application
    2. Permission to Add new applications enables the invitee to add and change information in the application
    3. Optional - Include a personal message to the invitee
  7. Click SEND INVITE located near the top right of the window. A picture is included below for reference. 
    1. The invitee receives an email invitation to the application, with instructions
    2. When the invitee has accepted the invitation, the name of the invitee is displayed in the application, under PARTIES OF THE APPLICATION

How To Manually Identify a Party of The Application

To add people's information in the application manually:

  1. In your application, under the PARTIES OF THE APPLICATION header, select ADD OR INVITE PARTY
  2. Select I DO NOT WANT TO INVITE, I WILL PUT ALL FIELDS MANUALLY, which is written in blue text. 
  3. Fill out contact information
  4. Select a role(s) for the person
  5. Select ADD

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